« Je ne suis pas sysadmin mais je veux faire de la CI/CD »

14/10/2022 : 13:00 - 13:15 | Showroom | Marc Chevaldonné, Thomas Bellembois

Code#0 (pronounced Code First) is a free and open-source infrastructure to allow conception, development, tests and deployment cross-platforms (Linux, MacOSX, Windows, Android, iOS), cross-languages (C++, Java, C#, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, RUST, Go, Python, Dart…) and mutli-targets (stores, web, desktop, mobile, plugin, container, REST API…), based on opensource tools (gitea, drone, sonarqube, docker, traefik, swagger…). It focuses on universities and small companies. Its main goals, for universities, are:

to guide sys/admin teams through the setup and the configuration of this infrastructure,
to provide a pedagogical infrastructure to teachers and professors to help them manage practical projects with tutorials and guides
to bring students the possibility to use professional tools, good practices in development, project management and team work.

But as mentioned earlier, it will also benefit small (or even medium) companies with a usable infrastructure for their professional projects.

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