How I made a powerful cache system using Go

14/10/2022 : 16:45 - 17:30 | Auditorium | Sylvain Combraque

I discovered Go language but didn’t have any time to follow multiples tutorials to learn it. But one day I discovered Træfik reverse-proxy project when I wanted to switch my infrastructure into fully dockerized one. I’m Træfik user since v1.4 but after many months using it I encountered an issue : there were no caching system in this reverse-proxy. I scrolled over the internet to know if any solution exists but nothing appears.

Then I decided to write my own Træfik cache system, but the main question was “Which language?”

  • PHP ? Nah.
  • Nodejs ? What a joke !
  • C++ ? I didn’t learn this language at school and it’s really insane to learn.

Then I was on Træfik github repository when I decided to write it in Go. Another good point: that’s compatible with docker integration.

So I started the project and called it Souin Let’s see together how I bring it up from code to deployment.

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